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Sri Lanka International journal of Buddhist studies-volume IV

ISSN : 20128878

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The First Saṅgīti and Theravāda Monasticism
by Bhikkhu Analayo

Mythology of Gods Origin and Development of the Concept of Gods in Indian Religion
by Wimal Hewamanage

A Chronological Approach to the Pali Commentaries-with Reference to the Madhuratthavilāsinī
by S. Vijitha Kumara

The Biography of the Buddha as Depicted in the Pāli Canon
by Ven. Moragaswewe Vijitha

The Five Precepts & the Behavioral and Psychotherapeutic Aspects of Morality
by Ven. Rideegama Wanarathana

Do Anāsavā Lokuttaramaggaṅgā Fall in Formations (Saṅkhārā)
by Ven. Miriswaththe Wimalagnana

SIBA-MCU International Buddhist Conference

ISSN – 2449-0148

SELECTED PAPERS OF SIBA- MCU INTERNATIONAL BUDDHIST CONFERENCE 2013 on International Exchange of Buddhism in the Global Context

Sri Lanka International Journal of Buddhist Studies (SIJBS0)

ISSBN No: 2345-9700 and ISBN No: 978-955-4886-00-1

Protecting Oneself and Others Through Mindfulness – The Acrobat Simile in the Saṃyukta-āgama
Bhikkhu Anālayo

The Buddha as an Economic Adviser
Chandima Wijebandara

Modernity in the Ancient Methods of Resolving Monastic Conflicts: A Study of the Sāmagāma-sutta
G. A. Somaratne

Relational Buddhism: A Psychology of Loving-kindness Carved in Stone at the Borobudur
Maurits G.T. Kwee

Economic Management: An Interpretation from the Buddhist Perspective
Arvind Kumar Singh

Mind Only or Ideation Only? An Examination of Yogācāra Philosophy and Its Chinese Interpretation
Medawachchye Dhammajothi

A Comparative Study of Samādhi in the Visuddhimagga and in the Yoga Sutra
Soorakkulame Pemaratana

“Imperfectly known period of transmission” or ‘Dark Period’
Russel Bowden

Some Facets of the Theravāda Oral Tradition
Aruna K. Gamage

Meta-ethics: Teachings on Good and Bad in the Pre Buddhist Era.
H.M. Mahinda Herath

Pedagogical Approach of the Pāli Grammarians with reference to the study of Pāli Verbs
Derangala Kusalagñāṇa

Anusāsani Pātihāri: The Miracle of Instruction in the Bojjhaṅga-sutta and the Girimānanda-sutta
Bhikkhuni W. Suvimalee

Not Too Tight and Not Too Loose, Properly Tuning the Lute: Avoiding the Extremes of Indulgence in Sense Pleasure and Self Mortification in the Vinaya
Mark Edsel Johnson

Meena Talim: Foundations of the Science of Medicine and Surgery in Buddhist India
H. D. Khobragade