Department of Post-Graduate Studies

Department Head
Dr. Iromi Ariyaratne
Academic Coordinator & Chief Editor, Sri Lanka International Journal of Buddhist Studies, SIBA.
PhD (Peradeniya),
BA Honours (Peradeniya),
Dip. in Pali

M.A.Degree Programme
This Course commenced in January 2012 with a total of seven students, from U.S.A, Russia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Later they were joined by students from U.S.A,again, China, Bangaladesh, Japan and Sri Lanka.
The Head, Department of Post Graduate Studies is Ms. Iromi Aryarathna.

The Ph.D. Programme in Buddhist Studies
The Degree will be awarde by the Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University(MCU) of Thailand.The programme will commence in September 2013. The Department is in the process of obtaining the services of several more professors to guide and supervise the Ph.D. candidates. At present they are Prof. P.D. Premasiri, Prof. Udaya Meddegama, Prof. Ekanayake, Prof. Upali Sedere and Prof. Senadhira.

Prof. P.D. Premasiri
BA Honours Pali (Ceylon);
BA Honours Philosophy (Cantab),
MA (Cantab),
PhD (Hawaii)

Prof. Udaya Meddegama
B.A. (Ceylon) , Ph.D. (London)

Adjunct Prof. Nelson
B.A Honours (Peradeniya)
M.Sc (AIT Bankok)
PhD (Peradeniya)

Senior Lecturer
Ven. Bhikkhuni Dr. W. Suvimalee
MA (Kelaniya), M.Phil (Kelaniya),
PhD (Peradeniya),

Prof. Daya Edirisinghe
M.A in Philosophy
Doctor of Literature,Honorary Degree in Philosophy and Aesthetics

Prof. E.M.N.Ekanayake
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
M.Sc. in Electronics
B.Sc. Eng. Honors in Electrical Engineering

Prof. Kamal de Abrew
B.A. (English Honours) University of Ceylon
M.A. University of London
PhD. Cornell University , USA

Prof. Silvi Senadhira

Dr. Jo Nash
PhD in Psychotherapy
Mr. Sarath Chandrasekera,
B.A. University of Delhi
B.A.(Hons)Psychology, Peradeniya
M.A.Buddhist and Pali University, Sri Lanka.

Ven. Dr. M.Indarathana Visiting Lecturer in Pali

Ven. Derangala Kusalagnana Thero
BA Hons Pali (Peradeniya)
MA (Kelaniya), M.Phil (Reading-Peradeniya)
MSc-Trento, Italy, Royal Pandith.

Mr A.B Mediwake
M.A in Philosophy
Doctor of Literature,Honorary Degree in Philosophy and Aesthetics

Mr.Mark Jhonson
Visiting Lecturer in English

Ven. Vinaya
Teaching and Research Assistant