Department of Management Studies

Dr. B.M.K. Perera
PhD (Russia)

The Department of Management studies is set up to promote high quality programs in the field of Business Management. The programs offered are designed to develop and enhance knowledge in Management and other related disciplines with a variety of capabilities and soft skills such as critical thinking and analysis, research, cooperation and communication. Our ultimate goal lies in creating individuals with the right set of knowledge, skills and qualities to meet the requirements of dynamic as well as complex local and global challenges. The Management department has the following academics as its staff:

Department Head
Ms. C.S.N. Somaratne
B.A. Hons (Peradeniya),
Reading for M.Phil (Peradeniya)

Visiting Lecturer
Dr. Aminda Methsila Perera
PhD (Wayamba)

Visiting Lecturer
Mr. Asanka Bakmeewewa
B.A. (SJP),
MBA (Rajarata)

Visiting Lecturer
Mr. H. M. H. L. Upuldeniya
LL.B (Colombo)