The Alumni Association Of Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy

Welcome to the official web site of the Alumni Association of Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA). It has been formed with the sole objective of enriching the fellowship amongst past and present students both lay and clergy to initiate and hold responsibility with a view to ensure the development of SIBA in achieving highest educational, professional and ethical standards.It aims to achieve such goals by acting as an independent entity. The accomplishment of the association would also focus on the process of enhancing the knowledge of Buddhism, Social Studies and more importantly Information Technology to the present generations of ours. The opportunity of learning such disciplines in the English Medium at SIBA is a boost for finding employment and also for those who are desirous of reading for postgraduate studies at international institutes.

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SIBA Graduates
Our graduates who have found employment and proceeded for Postgraduate studies

  • Mr. Charitha Bandara Samarakoon
  • Reading for the Ph.D at Harward University -USA
    Reg No: SIBA-BABL-09-45

  • Ven. Steven Jemba Kabaggozza
  • Instructor,Uganda Buddhist Center
    Reg No : SIBA-BABL-11-07

  • Ven. Dunukewatte Chandima
  • Teacher at Paramachetiya Pirewena Ratmalana
    Reg No : SIBA-BABL-10-05

  • Ven. Meemure Dhamminda
  • Teacher at Paramachetiya Pirewena Ratmalana
    Reg No : SIBA-BABL-10-07

  • Ms. Subodhini Rathnayaka
  • Teacher at Ududumbara Secondary School
    Reg No: SIBA-BABL-10-32

  • Ven. Bodhisopto Chakma
  • Instructor ,Buddhist Center - Malaysia
    Reg No: SIBA-BABL-09-11