Department of Buddhist Studies

Prof. P.D. Premasiri
BA Honours Pali (Ceylon);
BA Honours Philosophy (Cantab),
MA (Cantab),
PhD (Hawaii)

The Department of Buddhist Studies is the central academic unit committed to provide the academic leadership in Buddhist Studies. Beside Buddhist studies, Pali and Sanskrit is much needed to study Buddhist literature and the department offers Pali and Sanskrit to as a part of the undergraduate curriculum and special courses at certificate and diploma levels for those who desire to learn more on individual and group basis. The department offers Certificate or Diploma in Pali or Sanskrit or Buddhist Studies. To facilitate the spiritual development we provide meditation courses and projects to all who wish to practice Buddhist ideology for spiritual development. The department also facilitates on-line learning in Buddhist Counseling and one can earn a Certificate or a Diploma in Buddhist counseling. Our goal is to produce excellent Buddhist leaders who are highly knowledgeable in Buddhist ideology, fluent in communication skills in modern languages and IT and knowledge of the modern comparative religious. Prof. P. D. Premasiri provides the academic leadership to the program. The Buddhist studies department has the following academic as its staff:

Department Head
Asst. Prof. Sarath Chandrasekara
BA Honours Pali (Ceylon)
BA Honours Philosophy (Cantab)
MA (Cantab)

Mr. A.B. Mediwake
BA (Cey); MA (Cey)
Dip ED

Ven. Koonkandawala Wimaladhamma
B.A. (Hons.)Special in Psychology(Peradeniya)
Diploma in Psychological Counseling, IPMS, Kandy Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychosocial Support, University of Colombo

Ven. Polgolle Kusaladhamma
BA in Buddhist Leadership (first Class, Honours).Sp
Royal Pandith Degree - Oriental Studies Society, Colombo. 2006
MA in Buddhist Studies – University of Kelaniya, 2008